Why We Can't Get Enough of Huggie Hoop Earrings

From: 21st September 2020


The hoop earring has always been the go to choice of earring for those of us looking for jewellery that works for us both day and night. Hoop earrings have been around for ever, dating back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians with royalty such as Cleopatra being one of the first to be shown wearing this jewellery – along with some real show stopping necklaces and bracelets. Since then, hoops have come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials, and even now, the hoop is going strong, in fact they have never been more popular.

But now we have a new version of the hoop and it’s a lot smaller, but equally as stylish as their larger counterparts. The ‘huggie’ hoop is named so due to the way it sits in so closely to the earlobe. It quite literally ‘hugs’ the ear. They tend to be thicker than the standard hoop and have a hinge meaning that the curved back of the earring simply clicks neatly into place.

Most of us like a little hug and that’s exactly what these earrings do! They have become the ultimate go-to accessory and one of the hottest jewellery trends this year. These petite hoops are so flexible, can be worn in any ear piercing, making the huggie earring a must-have in any jewellery box. These hoops may be small, but they’re perfectly formed to be worn alone for a simple and classic look or stacked along multiple piercings for your very own unique style and look. They are also adaptable enough to wear for work giving a professional finish to your look but there are also more flamboyant designs of huggie with sparkles or colour that would be perfect to add a bit of glamour to your evening out.

We have a small but perfectly formed collection of huggie earrings which will all add a little bit of bling to your ears. Perfect for any occasion and so comfortable to wear. They really are the kind of jewellery staple that you’ll never want to take off. Let’s give you a few reasons why you’ll love them plus a couple of tips to make sure you get the most out of your huggies! Find out how to style different types of earrings and how to wear your huggies like a true fashion icon. 

Create your Own Style

Clearly we all have our own look and unique style – whether you are into vintage cocktail dresses or simple jeans and a t-shirt – your look is your own and that is completed with the accessories and jewellery you wear. So, whether it’s dainty and delicate silver jewellery you love or big bold statement necklaces and rings – huggie earrings have a place in everyone’s jewellery box. Honestly! – for example if you are wearing some amazing statement necklace and a hand made silver cuff bangle – you need some lower key pieces of jewellery to support and complement them. This is where the huggie comes in – it just completes the look without too many big and bold statements clashing. And if you are the type of person who likes things simple and understated than huggies, on their own, are a perfect choice. Our simple and elegant little huggies would be perfect for both looks. 

 Mismatch your Earrings

 One thing we do really like and is a bit fun is to mismatch your huggie hoops with another style earring – Why not try our Silver and Baguette Cut Cubic Zirconia Huggie in one ear and maybe our Circle Drop Earring in the other to create real contrast and interest.  

Show your Huggies Off 

You want to make sure everyone sees your fabulous earring choice so if you’ve got long hair – why not sweep it back so your earrings really do get noticed. Our cute little cubic zirconia heart huggies would be the most perfect earrings to compliment a swept up hair style and wedding dress. Simple, understated and elegant. Perfect for the big day.


Layering seems to be a style for every kind of jewellery whether you are layering necklaces, stacking rings or wearing several earrings at one time and the good thing is there are no rules to follow – you really can do your own thing! Why not combine several pairs of your favourite earrings to create your own look which you can change to create a new look every day. Maybe have different size hoops, huggie earrings and a simple solitaire stud. The choice really is yours - you can even mix different metals such as silver and rose or yellow gold or maybe add in a gorgeous coloured cubic zirconia – maybe amethyst or sapphire blue. 

Go Big on Sparkle 

 Our collection of huggie earrings fulfils this brief perfectly with a selection of sterling silver earrings – beautifully hand made and micro-set (how they set fine diamond jewellery) with AAA* quality cubic zirconia. Definitely the huggie earrings you want to wear with your diamond necklace – or maybe one of our silver and cubic zirconia necklaces. Earrings and necklaces that look just like fine diamonds but without the price tag so they are affordable to everyone. 

Earring Problems Solved!

Stud earrings can sometimes be quite irritating too – the first problem is if you have long hair it can get tangled and caught in the earring back which can be painful and tricky to untangle!  Huggies are the perfect solution as they don’t have earring backs but a neat little hinge at the bottom to secure them. The post of the hoop is locked to the back of the hoop, closing the circle when the earring is clicked shut.

Secondly the earring post can dig into your neck if you are on the phone – particularly sore if you are on the phone at work all day or having a long catch up with your best friend. Also if someone gives you an over enthusiastic hug it can be quite a painful experience! Again, huggies without their posts and backs are the perfect solution.

So, make sure you embrace this very special little earring addition to your jewellery box. If really is so versatile, so easy to wear and so comfortable – you can even sleep in them.