Embracing Autumn: Colours & Fashion

From: 26th September 2023

I know I say it every year, but Autumn really is a special time, a season of transition and transformation, and as the days grow shorter and the air becomes crisper, I find myself falling in love with this glorious season again and again. I love the change in weather, the darkening chilly evenings with a log fire, the beautiful autumnal colours and of course the transition in fashion and clothing from Summer, to suit the new season. Any excuse to buy new clothes and accessories. I also think that if I were ever to get married again, (not likely after 30 years..) but I would definitely choose Autumn to tie the knot. 

So, I thought I could take you on a journey and explore all these things that I love about autumn - the rich palette of colours that paint the world, the evolving fashion trends, the allure of golden and copper-toned jewellery, and the charm of autumn weddings, including the latest bridal and bridesmaid styles, as well as the perfect accessories to complete the look.

Autumn Colours: Nature's Masterpiece

As we slowly move into the autumn months, nature’s colours change before our eyes. The vibrant green leaves and bright summer flower colours transform into a mesmerising array of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. Nature at its absolute best and symbolic of the beauty of change and transition.

Fiery reds, burnt oranges and golden yellows all create a canvas of warm earthy shades. When I was little, I have vivid memories of going to the park with my Mum after school and scraping all the leaves together to make big piles which I loved jumping over and into. Now, I love long walks where you can appreciate nature and the colours around you and hear the leaves rustle as you walk across them. You can also take some amazing photographs if you are a keen photographer.

Autumn Fashion: Transition from Summer to Autumn Styles

The shift from summer to autumn fashion is like watching the leaves change their wardrobe. We say goodbye to the light and breezy summer outfits and embrace the cozy layers and warm textures. The transition in fashion mirrors the transition in nature, as we adapt to cooler temperatures and a different colour palette.

Here's a look at some key trends and changes that define autumn fashion in 2023:

1./ Layering: I layer all the year round as I am never the right temperature, but Autumn is the season of layering! When you go out in the morning it’s a little chilly so you need some layers – think t-shirts or shirts layered with a cozy cardigans, chunky knit jumper or denim jacket which you can shed as the day get warmer. Layering is not only functional, but it also allows you to experiment with different styles, textures and colours.

2./ Autumn Colours: I’ve already twittered on about how much I love the Autumn colours, but they are so beautiful and the fashion industry often takes inspiration from the natural world. Whether it be icy colours for winter, vivid brights and pastels for summer and of course deep, warm colours like dark reds, mustard yellow, forest green, and rusty oranges which dominate fashion in autumn fashion scene. These hues evoke the feeling of being wrapped in the colours of the season.

3./ Rich Fabrics & Textures: As the weather cools down, gorgeous rich fabrics like wool, cashmere, and tweed take centre stage. Different textures are also important – so try mixing in suede and corduroy with your knitwear to add depth to your look. Make your autumn look both stylish and cosy.

4./ Boots: I just love boots – any length boots, so I’m always happy when the weather turns cooler and it's time to dust them off again. Whether you choose cute ankle boots for work, knee length suede boots with skinny jeans and an oversized jumper or full over the knee thigh length boots teamed with opaque tights and a short woollen pinafore – boots are the perfect autumn footwear choice.

5./ Accessories: Hats, gloves, and oversized scarves also start to make an appearance in Autumn and not only keep us warm but are also a great opportunity to showcase our personal style. I’ve fallen in love with some fingerless gloves with a band of fur – available in just about every colour you can think of. Saw them at a trade show and struggling to decide which colour to go for.

Autumn Silver Jewellery: Gleaming in Gold and Copper

Jewellery too is influenced by the seasons, and I find that our copper and gold-plated jewellery collections are particularly popular at this time of year, as are the more autumnal colours of cubic zirconia.

1./ Golden Glamour: We have many beautiful handmade jewellery designs which are plated in either 18 carat yellow or rose gold – both perfect colours for Autumn. Many pieces are also set with sparkling cubic zirconia stones. Cavendish French jewellery is of the very best quality and offers an affordable alternative to real gold jewellery. Choose from cute little huggie earrings, to elegant necklaces and beautiful statement rings. We also have the classic tennis bracelet with a gold finish – great to layer with other bracelets and the perfect jewellery gift for a special autumn birthday or celebration. The warm, glowing tones of gold perfectly complement autumn's colour palette. Whether you choose delicate, minimalist pieces or bold statement jewellery, gold adds a glow to any outfit.

2./ Copper Charm: The reddish/brown warmth of copper which contrasts with polished silver makes for stunning and eye catching jewellery. All our copper and silver jewellery is handmade and looks great matched with the autumn fashion palette. Choose our ovals statement necklace and a fabulous bold copper and silver bangle. We have a wide range of copper earrings, from drop designs with matching pendants to smaller dainty stud earrings. Our copper collection is one of our most popular online – so why not take a look. It does need a quick polish with a silver cloth every now and then though to keep it at its shiny best.

3./ Gemstone Magic: Autumn-inspired gemstones like citrine, ruby, and emerald green are popular choices for jewellery during this season. Our coloured cubic zirconia designs mimic these gemstones and the colours of falling leaves. A couple of our customer's favourites are our vintage style statement cocktail ring in citrine and emerald amongst other colours. Cute little leaf earrings and necklace would make the perfect autumn gift. And who wouldn’t love the ruby colour.

4./ Leaf-inspired Jewellery: Pieces that draw inspiration from autumn leaves are always popular and some of our classic handmade plain silver designs look fabulous worn on a long silver chain against a plain black jumper or dress. Our Tumbling Leave Pendant is my particular favourite. 

Autumn Weddings: The Perfect Season to say “I do”

I love a wedding at any time of year, but Autumn especially – Autumn weddings have a unique charm. The crisp air, the breathtaking backdrop of colourful foliage, and the cozy ambiance make autumn weddings truly magical. I just want to explore some things that I think make an Autumn wedding so special:

1./ Wedding Dresses: Clearly one of the most important decisions of the day! Autumn brides often opt for dresses with long sleeves, deeper necklines and intricate lace detailing. Heavier fabrics such as satin or velvet are gorgeous, especially in tones of warm ivory or champagne. Add a fur or velvet wrap or cape for that extra touch of warmth and style.

2./ Bridesmaid Styles and Colours: Bridesmaids can choose dresses in rich, autumnal hues such as deep burgundy, forest green, or burnt orange. Not all the dresses have to be the same, maybe choose a palette or colour and then allow the bridesmaids to choose a style that flatters them. These warm colours are perfect for the season and should complement the brides dress, the flowers and the venue décor.

3./ Jewellery & Accessories: Complete the bridal and bridesmaid ensembles with autumn-inspired accessories. If the bride and bridesmaids are wearing their hair up - consider golden or copper hairpins or combs – maybe set with sparkling little stones. Delicate leaf-shaped earrings such as our Falling Leaves Climbers, or vintage style cubic zirconia jewellery that captures the colours of the season would also be perfect. Our Victorian Floral Earrings are beautiful for a bride in the diamond clear and with emerald colour stones for the bridesmaids.

4./ Venue: With fingers crossed for the perfect bright Autumn weather, outdoor settings with vibrant foliage make beautiful autumn wedding backdrops. Rustic barns, vineyards, and gardens all provide charming settings for saying "I do."

5./ Wedding Décor & Flowers: I love the full seasonal theme and so my Autumn wedding decor would feature wonderful, over the top, rustic elements like wooden centrepieces incorporating autumn leaves, pinecones and pumpkins. Mason jar candle holders, and cozy blankets for my guests would finish the look. I’d also have stunning statement floral arrangements featuring seasonal blooms like dahlias, sunflowers, and deep-coloured roses. No such thing as too much! Finally, after feasting on the hearty and warming flavours of the season and drinking signature autumn cocktails such as apple cider stormy, cranberry bliss or pumpkin spice, I would send my guests home with autumn-themed wedding favours, such as mini jars of honey, or scented candles with warm, spicy fragrances. 

I’ll finish on that note, but Autumn really is a season of unparalleled beauty, offering a symphony of colours, a shift in fashion, and a touch of romance that's hard to resist. This season holds a special place in my heart and invites all of us to embrace change and beauty in all its forms.