Exam Results & Back to School Jewellery

From: 22nd August 2023

Time to Celebrate

This time of year is really important for our young people. After the last few weeks enjoying time off, holidays abroad or at home in the not very warm English weather – the time is looming for exam results (if A levels, then the wait is already over) and also that ‘back to school’ feeling – whether you are just moving for one year up to the next, changing schools or moving on to college – it can be a very stressful time with change always being a little bit scary.

Let’s talk about exam results first as those are the most pressing, with A levels out and GCSE results later this week. The build-up and anticipation of results brings with it a whirlwind of emotions – from excitement and anticipation to fear and nerves – enough to make your heart race and your stomach churn. It is the culmination of years of hard work and hours spent pouring over books late at night and in exam halls. The potential for success and the dreams it represents, create an atmosphere charged with anticipation. When those results envelopes are opened – there are those elated with their success and equally those devastated that they didn’t receive what they hoped for. For those who excelled, it’s a time for celebration and the feeling of pride and accomplishment are testament to the hard work and determination that has been invested. BUT it is important to remember that this is just the start of the journey – these results don’t define entire futures, they are just a stepping stone to future opportunities and growth.  Setbacks do not define your capabilities; they are opportunities to learn, grow, and adapt. There are numerous paths to success, and this moment is just one chapter of the story.

I feel very strongly that if your child, niece, goddaughter or granddaughter has worked their hardest and done their best then there is nothing more they can do – as my sons primary school always used to say ‘ do your best to be your best self’ – and I believe there is real significance in rewarding effort and not just results. If we just reward results, no one will take risks, try new things or explore outside of their comfort zone for fear of failure and lack of reward.

Silver Jewellery Gifts

So, regardless of the outcome, the effort they've put into their studies deserves recognition. One way to celebrate their hard work is with a thoughtful gift that marks this significant milestone. Silver jewellery, with its classic and timeless appeal is perfect. Just as education stands the test of time, silver jewellery is also a gift which will be treasured for ever. Its understated elegance transcends trends and crazes, making it a perfect representation of lasting achievement.

Just as each individual is unique, our handmade silver jewellery comes in a wide range of designs, each with its own charm and elegance. A delicate silver necklace, a pair of elegant silver earrings, or a handmade silver bracelet can be worn with pride every day and serve as a constant reminder of achievement and the journey taken to get here.

Some of our favourites would include our delicate silver heart necklace which is very tactile and perfect to wear stacked with other shorter necklace and silver chains. If they love silver earrings, then modern silver simple hoops or more dressy silver shard drop earrings would both make a wonderful choice. And if you do want a handmade a silver bracelet – what could be a better gift that our star bracelet?

A Sparkle for a Star

For an extra touch of sparkle, why not choose a design with cubic zirconia stones for your perfect jewellery gift. Much like their star-studded effort, cubic zirconia jewellery captures the essence of celebration and achievement and is a reminder of their resilience and determination to shine.

I think the star theme is perfect for a gift celebrating achievement and we have a wide choice of star design jewellery – how about our stunning celestial pendant with an 18 carat gold plated star and dancing cubic zirconia stones at the centre? If you are after something smaller than simple star earrings are great to wear every day – alone or stacked with other silver hoop or stud earrings. Telling someone to reach for the stars and the moon? We have the perfect pendant! If stars aren’t right – how about cute sparkly kiss earrings or a wishbone pendant or earrings? Finally – I have to mention our ‘all hearts’ ring which I bought for my niece to celebrate her hard work. She absolutely loves it – wears it every day – sometimes with other stacking rings but often alone too.

Back to School

So, let’s now turn our attention to the dreaded ‘back to school’ As a parent, part of me welcomed the thought of them going back to school, not trying to think of things to do every day, not spending a fortune, not having to listen to the bickering and driving them miles to see friends. But... I also dreaded it, I dreaded having to get them up in time for the bus to school, routines, homework, games kit to wash most days – but the worst bit is having to get ready to go back to school. You are still in full holiday mode with the August bank holiday but at the same time who are having to take a ticket and queue in the shoe shop, sew endless labels on PE kit and buy new pencil cases. So that’s me as a parent – as a child, I think when you first break up, the summer seems like it going to go on for ever- but slowly ‘back to school’ gets closer and closer and it can be an exciting but also worrying time. If they are changing schools, moving into an important exam year, changing to a college after GCSE’s – change can often be stressful. The prospect of reuniting with friends, making new friends, embarking on new academic journeys, and embracing fresh challenges is undeniably exhilarating. However, the return to routine can also spark concerns about fitting in, the new challenges they face and maintaining a sense of individuality.

Sometimes it’s the little things that help them feel a little bit more in control, if they have to wear school uniform, maybe create that little edge of individuality in the style of pencil case, water bottle or indeed the jewellery they choose. Clearly they have to confirm to the rules bur we have a wide choice of handmade silver jewellery perfect for any school and which won’t get them into trouble. Silver jewellery is so versatile, and you can choose designs for any personal style and age.

Dainty Delights for Younger Girls

For younger girls, earrings have to be kept small and age appropriate. Choose the more delicate and charming designs and when it comes to silver jewellery, stud earrings steal the limelight. These small, cute designs could be little flowers, butterflies or leaves. Stud earrings offer a touch of sparkle without getting in the way in the classroom or the playground or being to overtly obvious.

Hugge Earrings for Young Teenagers

As students move into their teenage years, their sense of identity begins to take centre stage. Chic huggie earrings, which rest close to the earlobe and "hug" it, are an excellent choice for this age group. Cavendish French huggie earrings come in a range of styles, from minimalistic silver rope hoops to those adorned with tiny cubic zirconia stones. We also have designs plated in 18 carat yellow gold if you prefer.  Huggies are still small enough to seamlessly blend with the demands of school life and are conservative enough not to be noticed for the wrong reasons.

Off to College

For older students, simplicity often pairs well with sophistication. Simple stud earrings like our cube earrings and delicate pendants can be the perfect choice. Maybe a silver chain with a meaningful symbol or a birthstone colour. How about a tree of life design which symbolises reaching upwards, towards new goals and stretching yourself – a perfect reminder to someone starting new challenges at school. Also looks beautiful whether with a school uniform or added to your own unique style.

Of course, classic simple solitaire stud earrings are perfect for any age – and schools definitely approve. We have several different designs – traditional round claw set or a more modern rub over style – both are available in a number of different carat sizes and also colours if you are allowed! But we also have oval, square and heart solitaire studs – so the choice is yours.

So, whether you are choosing a silver jewellery gift for someone to symbolise their accomplishment or a gift to help someone feel more confident and self-assured on their return to a new school year – we have the perfect designs for you.