Summer Colours, Fashion & Jewellery to Embrace

From: 16th June 2023

So summer is finally here with the days wonderfully long and definitely warmer! It’s my favourite time of year, a time for sunshine, holidays, relaxation, and of course, a fresh and fabulous wardrobe.

So as the temperature rises, it's time to explore all the biggest styles, colours and accessories that play a part in fashion this season. From vibrant colours to stylish designer looks, from versatile clothing styles to must-have accessories and jewellery, I’m going to pick some of the fashion choices that you will definitely want to feature in your summer wardrobe. Whether you're staying local or flying off on a summer holiday, let's dive in and make sure you know what's in this year.

Colours of the Season

Summer 2023 embraces an array of lively colours that reflect the happy spirit of the season with a wonderful fusion of vibrant shades and soft pastels, creating a harmonious balance.

Last year's obsession with all things fuchsia makes way for a softer, candyfloss shade of pink, while black and cobalt blue are set to be the surprise stand-out shades of the season.

Tropical Tones: From lush greens and turquoise blues to sunny butter yellows and vibrant corals, tropical hues are prominent this summer, evoking feelings of exotic escapes and beachside bliss.

Within these colours, bold cobalt blue takes centre stage splashed across everything from skirts to dresses and bags.

The other bold and vibrant colour to replace the hot pink of the last few seasons, is a bright and fierce scarlet red which flooded the catwalks and is a prominent colour whichever shop you look in. Go for full on evening glamour, a summer sundress or a bright tank top to wear with your classic cut shorts.

Pastel Perfection: Soft pastels make a comeback, adding a touch of serenity to the summer palette. Think dreamy lavenders, powdery pinks, and sky blues that exude a sense of tranquillity.

So fuchsia pink is not the star this summer, its paler powdery pink that takes centre stage instead offering a less ostentatious and more laid-back way to wear pink. Whether you choose to go full Barbie, add a simple pink cardigan or wrap is up to you – but we have some beautiful handmade silver and pink diamond jewellery designs which would add just the right touch of pink. How about this gorgeous statement silver and cubic zirconia ring?

If pink isn’t really your thing, purple is definitely making a show with lavender tones across the board. We have found requests and sales of our amethyst cubic zirconia designs have been on going really well.

Sunset Shades: Are you dreaming of a summer holiday? I can’t wait – only 6 weeks to go! But clearly in the mid-winter designers were also dreaming of sunset skies as summer colours are flooded with beautiful sunset shades where reds, oranges, yellows and white are fused together to create a wonderful relaxing sunset hue. This trend started in Milan and continued to Paris and London catwalks.

Summer Black: Although black is not normally a colour that features heavily in the summer wardrobe is has definitely made an appearance but in a much softer way. Sheer fabrics, black lace and crochet all create a light way to wear black and make it look good in the summer. 

Summer Fashion Trends

So now you know which colours to wear – what about the key styles for this summer? As we all know the outlandish designs we see on the catwalks early in the year are a big influence on trends and high street fashion – so what are we seeing in the shops today? Here are my top 10 picks.

1./ Sheer Delights: Sheer fabrics have been popular for the last few seasons and continue to captivate in the summer of 2023. The majority of designers included this look in their runway shows with everything from translucent blouses to sheer dresses or skirt overlays with underwear made to be seen. Go as risqué as you dare and if the style is a little too bold for you, why not try designs with a mesh or sheer panel or maybe just the sleeves. This look is great in black as it softens the colour and is a sophisticated and sensual evening party look.

2./ Cut-outs: As well as the trend for sheer fabrics, the cut-out look is still very much in favour with many celebrities and designers still loving this look. Cut outs can feature in many different ways and styles from an elegant evening dress to a fun beach look. So, if you fancy this trend there is certainly a look for you. Although just a tip - be careful where the cut-outs are if you’re in the sunshine all day – strange suntan lines are not a good look.

3./ Power Suits & Oversized Blazers: Power suits have got a new twist this summer with designers experimenting with bright colours or soft shade pastels and unexpected cuts. Look out for oversized blazers paired with tailored crop trousers or shorts or maybe mismatched with a totally different style skirt or skinny jeans. Pockets too – everybody has added pockets this year, not only to the obvious jacket but to everything which I am very grateful for. I don’t always want a bag so a pocket or two is very welcome.

4./ Low-rise Waists: It might not be the style for everyone (me included!) but the return of the nineties favourite low-slung waist is back in fashion. With everything from jeans to suits, shorts to evening skirts being given the under the belly button look. It seems my favourite high waisted or at least on the waist look is taking a break this summer. Think I’ll have to stick with dresses then. For those who love this style – and some people look fabulous – team with a crop top (we’ll get onto that style in a minute) for full midriff baring impact.

5./ Hearts & Flowers with a Difference: The Laura Ashley style and Cath Kidson cute and pretty florals have been transformed this year with a bold and theatrical three-dimensional look. Supersize flowers are appearing on shirts, skirts and dresses – sometimes just a single punchy embroidered or applique flower and sometime the full show. Be bold this year and stand out from the crowd.

As with flowers, heart motifs were also splashed all over the runways earlier in the year and are now everywhere in the high street. So spread a little bit of love with your choice of hearts – whether it be in the fabric print, an embroidered design or detailed in sequins.

6./ Tank Tops: Now, tank tops always remind me of my dad when I was growing up and it was never a fashion trend that I thought I would see on the catwalk but it is definitely on the summer shopping list this year. Very stylish and elegant worn with some classic wide leg trousers and maybe with a blouse with sheer sleeves beneath it. Choose bold and vibrant colours to contrast with neural trousers.

7./ Full-on Fancy Fringe: Fringing, of course, is nothing new, but we usually think fringing when talking about 1920’s flapper style or maybe cowboys and line dancing. This summer fringing is a big design feature. Fringes are appearing on everything from fringed bags, cuff sleeves, miniskirts or to the bottom of cropped tops. Often using a little bit of sparkle, the fringes have fluidity and depth. You could always get a fringe cut in too if you really want to match the trend.

8./ Bralettes & Underwear as Outerwear: The shops are full of this look, and I feel truly ancient when I think I’m in the underwear section of a shop! This is definitely not a trend I’ll be following with my M&S big pants and comfortable bras. No, this trend is for the brave and the young, taking the crop top to a new level with a wide selection of pretty bralettes available. It’s not only the bralette that is on show, with the trend for sheer fabrics, knickers, slips and negligées are also visible. So, if you have some pretty underwear, now’s the time to show it off. You can always add that oversized blazer when you get chilly!

9./ Hooded Dresses: Hoods all started with Little Red Riding Hood in my opinion but they have featured in fashion design many times over the years, With Grace Jones’s iconic hood and of course Kylie’s fabulous hooded dress in ‘I can’t get you out of my head’ Dramatic hooded dresses and tops have been in all the catwalks for this Spring Summer with Saint Laurent leading the way with over half his looks including a hood.

10./ Denim: Denim is a mainstay of everyday fashion with most of us regularly wearing jeans, jeggings, shorts or maybe a denim jacket but this year full denim is back! The denim fabric in a variety of shades, is being used in dresses, skirts and even suits. Some are embroidered others studded with stones but the overall effect is denim at its most glorious.

Accessories & Jewellery

Whatever look you choose, you have to have some accessories to complete it and there are a couple of key trends this year.

Big Bags: Firstly, and probably the biggest is the big bag (excuse the pun) Gone are the days of tiny little bags that you can’t even fit your phone and house key – now we have a trend of proper practical size bags (I like this trend) so you can take everything with you; makeup, glasses (sun or reading!) phone, the list could go on. Choose from oversized clutch bags, rucksack style, big and bright pouches or ornate embellished evening bags.

Statement Belts: This trend takes me back a few years, but statement belt adds that little extra to any outfit. Choose wide belts with ornate buckles, different textures, bright colours or bold patterns, and cinch your waist in to make the most of your figure.

Jewellery: The jewellery trends for this summer echo the overall fashion themes with a focus on both vibrant colours and pale pastel shades. Cavendish French has a wide selection of handmade sterling silver and coloured cubic zirconia jewellery designs which will match any colour trend you fancy following – from a beautiful pale pink diamond colour to amethyst purple, citrine yellow, vibrant ruby red and soft aqua blues.

We also have beautiful heart and floral designs to complete your look – how about our All Hearts cubic zirconia ring or for flowers, our Ruby Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings are very cute. 

One final comment about jewellery and I may be a little biased but to me jewellery completes your look – it tends to be the last finishing touch you add and makes all the different. So, whether you choose a handmade silver bangle on sun kissed skin, a stack of sparkling cubic zirconia rings, simple silver stud earrings for the beach and drop earrings for parties – we have the perfect jewellery for you. So, step into the sun with confidence and embrace the elegance and vibrancy of Summer 2023.