Hallmarking and Assay Assured

Assay Assured for your peace of mind

Cavendish French has been awarded the Assay Assured Trustmark:


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That means our website has been audited by an independent arbitrator.

The Assay Assured Trustmark means our product descriptions accurately describe the silver content in our jewellery, so you can buy in confidence reassured that all our jewellery is genuine.


Hallmarking for your Security

Our customers can be confident that all our jewellery comes with a guarantee of the silver content through the 700 year old practice of third party independent hallmarking.

The 1973 Hallmarking Act makes it against the law to describe an item over a certain weight as gold, silver or platinum without an independently applied Hallmark.

All silver items weighting over 7.78 grams must be hallmarked.

All gold items weighing more than 1 gram must be hallmarked.

Items below this weight do not need to be hallmarked.