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Honey Bee Heaven for November Birthdays

From: 30th October 2018

Honey Bee Heaven for November Birthdays

Whether it’s old gold, mellow yellow or luscious lemon, we’re noticing more yellow creeping into fashion and accessories.  From designer clothing to yellow diamonds there’s a shift towards this vibrant colour.  Surprisingly, shades of yellow suit do flatter most skin tones and can look very sophisticated and elegant especially when paired with cool sterling silver … and with the November birthstone being yellow topaz now is just time to think about yellow stoned jewellery.

If yellow is the ‘new black’ then maybe a yellow (and black) inspired symbol would be on your list and heading towards your jewellery box.  Bee designs have become very popular this year, from the industrious worker bee to the totally diva queen bee, and they are becoming a must have for those that follow trends.

We’ve noticed the move towards yellow stones and bee design at Cavendish French headquarters and come up with the perfect marriage of both.  Using our customary 925 sterling silver and highest grade triple A cubic zirconia we’ve updated our CZ Honey Bee pendant to include two beautiful sparkling yellow cubic zirconia and it’s proving to be a big hit.

So why not be nice to yourself (or a friend with a November birthday) and grab this pendant before it flies off our shelves!