Silver Jewellery Trends for Autumn

From: 24th September 2021

The nights are beginning to draw in, the children are back at school, or in my case started at university, leaving me with a strangely quiet and tidy house. So, as it is the time of year where the seasons start merging and I need something fun to do - how about an accessories seasonal refresh to really boost your mood? It’s definitely time to start thinking about updating your autumn winter wardrobe and more importantly what jewellery you are going to choose the complement it.

Having been trapped at home for so many months, many of us are enjoying the freedom of going out for dinner, the theatre, concerts, weddings, parties… the list is endless but we most definitely need to update our wardrobe from tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirts to create the perfect ‘going out’ look.  We can’t all afford a whole wardrobe of new clothes though, so add some jewellery and you can transform your look. We didn’t wear much jewellery sitting at home (maybe stud earrings for a Zoom meeting but no dangles because they get caught in your mask!) and it remained firmly tucked in the jewellery box but now is the time to open that lid and flaunt your fabulous jewellery with style and vavavoom.

While the pandemic will clearly influence the fashion industry for the next few seasons (who wants to wear high heels ever again?) jewellery has been brought back to life. Earrings that you can party the night away in, warm autumn colours, sparkling cocktail rings and long layered chains can all add that little bit of glamour to your autumn style.

Jewellery is such a simple way to dress up you autumn staples of rollneck jumpers, colourful scarves, long winter skirts and stylish jackets. I don’t know about you, but I always think that warmer colours and hues are perfect in the Autumn, from rich reds, warm coppers and rose golds to bright and beautiful yellow gold – all colours that reflect the changing colours of nature around us.  

Think about what type of jewellery you need (or want!) which will extend and add interest to your wardrobe with minimal effort.  Cavendish French offers a wide selection of handmade quality silver jewellery which will last the test of time and add value and interest to your collection for years to come. Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist when it comes to jewellery, there’s a trend that you can incorporate into your autumn look and jewellery collection.

I’ve picked a few key trends to highlight and given you some ideas on how jewellery can lift both your look and your mood.

Sparkly Statement  Earrings

The more sparkly and the bigger the better – make a real statement with your earrings this autumn. Perfect for parties and weddings alike, our range of silver and cubic zirconia earrings offers a perfect collection for you to choose from – whether you go for gorgeous Deco Style Chandelier Earrings or Silver and Cubic Zirconia Decadence Earrings, they are all rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing and have all the look and sparkle of real diamond jewellery but at an affordable price. With earrings like these, you really don’t need to wear any other jewellery, although matching with a stunning silver necklace really does complete the look!

Layering and Long Chain Necklaces

Layering continues to be a fashion that we love and will still be with us during autumn and winter this year. Nothing looks better on a dark polo top than several necklaces or pendants of varying length, style and material, layered to create your own unique style. Why not try our cute silver Honey Bee Pendant on a short chain, maybe contrasting Gold Leaf Pendant (perfect for autumn) and our handmade silver Comet Pendant on a super long silver chain. We also love our Solitaires Necklace available in silver or plated with 18 carat yellow gold. It comes in two lengths and is studded with cubic zirconia stones. This looks wonderful worn alone too.

Rich Red Jasper Colour Story

I love colours that reflect the colours of the season from emerging spring colours such as grass green and spring blue skies to pastels and neons in the summer sun and then rich warm colours for autumn. Red jasper is a vibrant rich stone which adds a wonderful touch of colour to your autumn look. Colour instantly updates classic silhouettes, and it contrasts perfectly with silver settings. Our red jasper Sun Pendant looks great worn on a long chain and over higher necklines. Match it with some little red Button Earrings too.

Fabulous Cocktail Rings

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle on their fingers and this autumn we are going all out with the return of statement rings and cocktail rings that look best stacked and piled on to create a real feeling of sparkle, glamour and fun. Rings not only stacked on a single finger but worn on every finger. Let’s go really over the top!

You don’t have to raid your savings to create this look either – choose from some of our fabulous silver and cubic zirconia rings to mix and match. Try our Citrine Cubic Zirconia Vintage Ring to make a real statement and maybe wear with a simple Double Band Ring on the next finger before going full on sparkle on the next with our Looks Like Diamonds Ring. Don’t forget your thumbs either – we have some great rings which look perfect worn as a thumb ring. How about our baguette cut cubic zirconia Open Ring?

Copper and Rose Gold Tones

As much as I love the cool shine of sterling silver, I love the warmth of adding a little contrasting copper or rose gold into the mix keeping with the autumn feel and trends.

If you want to capture the mood of the season, choose our Silver and Copper Windchime Earrings.  Handmade to hang from a central point, they’ll twist and turn like an autumn breeze as you go about your day.  There’s also our Silver and Copper Triple Hoop pendant and earrings, circles of fine silver and copper which spin around like leaves caught up in the wind.  

 If you prefer rose gold, you would love our Twizzle Earrings which are designed with a central curve of polished silver and a ribbon of rose gold plated silver which spirals around it, giving movement and fluidity. Or perhaps our silver and rose gold feather earrings, pendant or bracelet which make a wonderful gift for an autumn birthday. 

For simple elegance, take a look at our Silver and Copper Twinned Bangle with contrasting curves and symmetry which looks stunning but won’t cost you a fortune.  Or for something bolder and to make a statement - how about our wonderful handmade Wave Cuff Bangle.

Supersized Hoops  

Hoops have always been popular and small huggie hoop earrings have been a key spring/summer trend because they are so versatile and easy to wear. You can wear them alone every day or create that ‘ear party’ and stack with different size and style earrings from simple silver studs to more dramatic drop silver earrings.  This autumn is all about over the top though, about celebrating being out and about again and jewellery that would once only have been worn to go partying are now everyday essentials. The supersized hoops are just that - whether you choose plain polished silver or hoops with some sparkle, the bigger really is the better. They are also perfect for this time of year because you can still show them off if the rest of you is wrapped up in woolly jumpers, coats and hats.  


Finally, just remember there's no such thing as 'too much' anymore. Dressing up has reached new levels, and that's just for breakfast. Wear everything at once – several layered necklaces, statement-making earrings and bangles and sparkling cubic zirconia galore. If you can’t choose which ones to where simply wear them all whether it’s for a night out, work, or a trip to the park with the kids. The more the merrier and after the year or two we have just had, there's no time to wait for party season to show off your gorgeous jewellery.