Silver Jewellery for Mother's Day Gifts

From: 2nd March 2023

Mother’s Day is always a special day of the year. As a mum myself, it is always lovely to feel appreciated and spoilt (although not too much spoiling as my boys are 20 And 22!) I used to love the days of homemade cards, big kisses, and dodgy breakfast in bed. As a daughter as well, I really love to spoil my mum with both gifts but also spending time together. I know Mother’s Day can be a sad day as well for those who have lost their mum or maybe a child or perhaps aren’t able to have children, but I do hope, like with all other ‘days’ (since my Dad died, I always struggle with Father’s day) we can be understanding and accepting of other people’s pleasure. We also sometimes forget that it is not always a mum we appreciate – it could be an aunt, grandmother or godmother who you want to show how much they mean to you.

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 19th March this year – so if you are planning on treating your mum – time to get thinking about the perfect gift. But before we do – let’s think a little bit about where the tradition of Mother’s Day started and why we celebrate it in many countries across the world.

How did Mother’s Day begin? 

The date varies in different countries, in the UK it has been celebrated on the fourth Sunday after Lent since the 16th century, in the U.S. and Australia it is the second Sunday in May and is other countries it is 8th March which is also International Women’s Day. My brother who lives in Australia always needs a reminder to send and call our Mum!

It was originally a religious day 'Mothering Sunday' and was to honour and give thanks to the Virgin Mary also known as Mother Mary. People were expected to visit their ‘Mother’ church with offerings of thanks – the main church where their family lived. People often travelled long distances to come home and celebrate the day. The day reunited families and gave domestic servants living away from home, the chance to spend a day with their families and see their mothers. Thus, the religious day thanking Mother Mary broadened its scope to become an occasion to thank all mothers.

This day of celebration became less and less popular across Europe until WW2 when Americans and Canadians, in particular, celebrated Mother’s Day, giving thanks to their mothers whilst away at war. The British and Europeans began to follow and since then Mother’s Day has been a firm fixture in the U.K. calendar.

The holiday for Mother’s Day was formed much later than Mothering Sunday, and was created by Anna Jarvis from West Virginia in 1908, in honour of her late mother. Jarvis campaigned for a holiday to celebrate all mothers after the death of her own, and after lots of hard work and determination, President Wilson finally made it an official holiday for the U.S. in 1914. 

However, as the holiday grew more and more established it became more and more commercialized much to the disgust of Jarvis, who named it "Hallmark Holiday". Jarvis began to regret what the day had turned into and spent the last years of her life trying to abolish the day she had created. However, this didn't slow the commercial growth of the day and Mother's Day still remains a popular holiday making it one of the biggest days for sales of flowers and cards in many countries.

Mother's Day Traditions

Mother’s Day is celebrated in different ways all across the world from the U.S. where the day starts with breakfast in bed and a bouquet of flowers to other countries who have their own traditions and customs.

India holds a 10 day festival in October which celebrates Durga, the goddess of mothers. Families spend weeks preparing food, gathering gifts, and decorating their homes for the festival.

In Japan, following World War II, a version of Mother’s Day grew popular as a way of comforting mothers who had lost sons to the war. Carnations are given around this March holiday, as they symbolize the sweetness and endurance of motherhood in Japanese culture. Originally, children gave a red carnation to a living mother and displayed a white one if their mother had died.

In Ethiopia the Antrosht festival, at the end of the rainy season, is dedicated to mums. After the weather clears, family members from all over return to their homes for a large meal and celebration. Daughters traditionally bring vegetables and cheese, while sons supply meat. Together they sing and perform dances that tell stories of family heroes.

And in France, in 1920, the government began awarding medals to mothers of large families in gratitude for helping rebuild the population after so many lives were lost in World War I. After the second World War, the government declared the last Sunday in May to be the Day of Mothers. The traditional gift is now a flower-shaped cake.

And finally in the United Kingdom, based on the original tradition of returning to your mother church, it is still a holiday based on religion which many churches giving daffodils to the children to give to their mums. 

Mother's Day Gifts

As with any national holiday in the U.K., Mother's Day involves the giving of gifts and cards to show Mum how much she's valued and appreciated. Traditionally, Mother's Day gifts included flowers and a Simnel cake. The flowers were picked by the workers on the way home for a day with their mum. It is still a tradition today to spoil mum with a beautiful colourful bouquet of flowers, as well as less traditional gifts such as perfume, clothes, or jewellery. 

So, call us biased, but we think jewellery is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. A bouquet of flowers may be traditional and beautiful, but they are dead and gone after a week or so – so why not choose a timeless piece of silver jewellery which she can treasure for ever. You can always stay true to the floral theme and choose a flower or Spring inspired design.

We have put together a tailored collection of silver jewellery which we think has something for every mum out there – we also have our Gifts for Mums selection where you might get some inspiration too.  I have picked out a few of my favourite designs here which I would be delighted to receive!

Let’s talk Spring and florals to begin with. We have a wide selection of floral jewellery but the most popular colour at the moment is emerald green (what could be a better colour for Spring?) and our cute silver and emerald green cubic zirconia Flower Earrings would make a wonderful and thoughtful gift. They also have a matching necklace if you really want to spoil her. Another of our best-selling designs is the emerald Star Flower Earrings, perfect studs to wear every day.

No one forgets their Mum and all the special things she does, so forget-me-nots are a great flower to choose to show your appreciation.  Why not choose our Celestial Silver Forget-Me-Not Pendant which has a rose gold forget-me-not and single cubic zirconia stones free floating in the centre. She’ll certainly know that she’s not been forgotten.

As a change to silver, you could consider adding a touch of yellow gold when choosing a present for your Mum. Yellow gold jewellery is more and more popular, but it is very expensive so why not choose a design which is silver plated with 18 carat yellow gold? We have a wide selection to choose from but one of my favourites is our Tree of Life Design Pendant with the leaves picked out in yellow gold. Maybe it could represent your own family tree. Lovely worn on a long chain and maybe mum could layer with some other personalised jewellery you have bought for her before.

Butterflies and bees are also a sign that Spring is here and for those mums who like to keep their jewellery simple for every day we have some great little Butterfly Stud Earrings available in silver, or plated with yellow gold. Also, cute, and very popular is our sparkling silver Busy Bee Pendant set with AAA* cubic zirconia stones.

If nature is not really your mum’s thing, then you could always choose a classic and very elegant silver bangle and our simple Wave Cuff Bangle is handmade, easy to put on and off and looks great with everything. Or maybe she loves her music? Our cute silver and cubic zirconia Treble Clef Pendant is the perfect jewellery gift for any music lover. A delicate design micro-set with AAA* quality cubic zirconia stones which twinkle as they catch the light.

Finally, because copper and silver jewellery is one of our best selling collections, I had to mention our Windchime Earrings which sway gently as you move and have that beautiful contrast of colours with warm copper and bright silver.

If none my favourites seem perfect for your mum – head over to our Mother’s Day Jewellery Collection for some more inspiration. 

Once you have chosen and ordered your jewellery (we deliver free of charge in the UK in a beautiful complimentary branded gift box) it’s time to think about how you are going to make the day extra special for your mum. A thoughtful card, a cuppa in bed, a bunch of daffodils or a long walk and pub lunch. Whatever you choose to buy or do, we just want to wish all Mums a happy Mother’s Day. Remember we are all at different stages of our journey through motherhood, but all deserve to be noticed and appreciated for the day.