Layering Necklaces

From: 21st October 2020

The Long & Short of It: Layering Necklaces 

It all started with the trend to layer bangles and bracelets – nothing looks better than armful of fine silver bangles and hand made silver bracelets which all have some meaning to you. They tinkle and move as you do, becoming a part of you and your look. This trend has been around for years – I remember wearing dozens of bangles mixed with a few pieces of leather and a silver charm bracelet from my grandmother way back in the eighties and I remember that I never took them off – even to sleep – they became a part of me.  Over recent years, this style has graduated to rings – whether you stack them on a single finger or wear a different silver or cubic zirconia ring on every finger of your hand, again you are creating your own unique style. And finally, this year, the look has spread to necklaces and pendants.  One of the biggest trends of the year, the look is all about layering your necklaces – creating texture, contrast and of course individuality. We love this new jewellery trend and hope it stays with us for years to come. 

So, whether you prefer dainty, detailed chains, longer statement silver pendants or mixed metal necklaces, anything goes when it comes to layering necklaces. You can keep it minimal with a simple understated finishing touch to your look, or you can make the jewellery the highlight of your outfit, making a style-defining statement. Be brave, be yourself and dare to layer to create your own unique look.

Layering necklaces is the perfect way to add interest to your outfit during the colder winter months. Adding a stack of layered handmade silver necklaces, pendants and chains adds interest and definition to a plain knitted jumper or roll neck dress or top. Colours such as, rich purple, dark blue, deep green and of course black would all be perfect. It can create the impression of pattern on the plain dark colour and the jewellery is the real star of the show, it can really stand out and be noticed. For cosy days or evenings inside, layered necklaces look great with lower cut tops or V necklines. Try combining a shorter choker style necklace with a single slightly longer (just an inch maybe) chain and silver pendant. It’s an elegant and eye-catching way to decorate your neckline. Put quite simply, stacked layering necklaces are perfect for any occasion whether it be in the office, a casual everyday look or out to play. 

The beauty of layering too, is that you can simply swap in one of your silver necklaces to create a whole new look. It helps when you can’t choose which of your favourites to wear – simply wear them all! This trend gives you great flexibility to mix and match, swap and experiment and generally have lots of fun with your jewellery. 


If you need some help to get started, take some inspiration from some of our favourite layering combinations featuring our Gold Vermeil Maple Leaf Necklace, the ready-made Lucky Eye Necklace and our stunning mixed metal silver and yellow gold Queen Pendant worn on a long silver chain. With layered necklaces, the rest of your jewellery doesn’t need to be too big and bold – let the necklaces to the talking and simply complement them with some simple plain silver earrings and a single handmade silver bangle. We added our fine silver and gold vermeil Maple Bracelet which matches the Maple Necklace and brings the whole look together. 

The key to the layered look is to make the pieces work together and appear effortless as if you have just thrown it together (a little bit like the tousled haircut that really took hours to create!) -  so before you layer every necklace you own, here are a few of Cavendish French’s top tips! 

How to Layer like a Pro

Start from the Top

Choose your base piece, the first necklace you choose should be the shortest.  A delicate, 16-18” silver chain with a cute pendant or charm. We love our perfect little silver and cubic zirconia star pendant which also makes the perfect teenage necklace. 

Mix it Up

Add necklace number two, choosing a longer piece. Even a couple of centimetres longer will work. Add texture and keep things interesting by choosing a contrasting style of chain for your second layer – or perhaps a contrasting metal – we love mixing copper and silver jewellery into our layered look. Our cute handmade silver and copper pendant designed with an entwined wreath of sterling silver studded with contrasting little balls of polished copper would be absolutely perfect. 

Three is the Magic Number

Bring balance to your look with more length - add a final longer necklace or pendant to create the perfect tiered finish – maybe 24” or even 36” length. Our silver popcorn chain which is rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing, is available in a range of lengths and each is adjustable by 2” so you can get the exact length and look you want.  We would add a bolder statement pendant to this chain and our handmade Tumbling Leaves Silver Pendant (just right for Autumn) is incredibly striking and would make the perfect finishing piece. 


Although choosing all silver necklaces and pendants creates a wonderful co-ordinated look – it’s also good to mix it up sometimes and this look is perfect for combining mismatched metals such as pairing rose gold or yellow gold with sterling silver. Silver and copper necklaces work well too. You can also choose different colours to add to the mix – why not take a look at some of our silver jewellery micro-set with coloured cubic zirconia stones – all of the best AAA* quality. Choose from amethyst purple, citrine yellow, topaz or aquamarine blues. These stones tend to be set in the fine and more delicate cubic zirconia necklaces so would be great as your base necklace. We also have bold statement silver pendants set with semi-precious stones such as the sparkling blue sandstone and rich red jasper – both wonderful colours for autumn and winter. 

Theme your Look

Another idea you might like is to create a theme, for example all your layered necklaces are designed with hearts, stars or flowers for example. If you are looking for layered necklaces with nature-inspired motifs we have something for everyone. Why not layer one of our floral design cubic zirconia pendants, (our pansy cubic zirconia necklace is very cute and adds a little bit of colour too) with a beautiful and delicate pendant with a cubic zirconia set honey bee and a larger sleek pendant with an intricate and wonderfully handmade tree of life design. Add a little bit of sparkle to your outfit and transform any simple jumper or dress into something special. We also have plenty of hearts, stars, moons…to choose from if you prefer those themes!

Tell your Story and Keep it Personal

 As we have said, layering necklaces is very much a one of a kind look which is individual just to you, to create your own style and look. We think it is wonderful if you can incorporate something personal to you, maybe it’s a star pendant your parents gave you when you passed your exams, maybe an angel wing to keep watch over you or entwined love hearts from someone very special to you. Whatever it is, it is lovely to incorporate this into you look and make it part of your personal story, making the combination truly yours. 

So now its your turn, have a browse through our website for some ideas and things to treat yourself, have a rummage in your jewellery box and have fun creating your own unique and individual style.