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Jewellery with Meaning

From: 14th May 2020

Jewellery with Meaning

In these difficult times, many people are feeling isolated and uncertain so why not show them how much you care with a little gift with a big message. Something that can bring hope and strength as we all face the future.

Handmade silver jewellery can be so much more than a silver necklace or earrings – it can have a much deeper meaning both for the giver and for the person wearing the piece. So have a look through our ideas and find the perfect jewellery that will remind you or a loved one that this will pass and to be strong and positive as we go from day to day.  

Many of these symbols come from nature and the world around us – the constant beauty of nature and the natural world around us is what has kept many of us grounded over the last few weeks. 

Knowledge, wisdom and the interconnection of all life are represented by the tree of life, with its roots deep within the soil and branches reaching up to the sky. It is a symbol of growth and strength and just like a tree, a person grows stronger over time and strives for greater knowledge and new experiences.  Perfect as we face new challenges every day and need to find the strength to face them. We have a great range of Tree of Life design pendants – so why not take a look. 

Many flowers have individual meanings such as the Daisy symbolising innocence or the Lily, beauty.  But generally, the flower represents new beginnings, love and hope, making it a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one.  

The swallow is also a symbol of hope, as seen in Aesop's fables and much literature. It symbolizes hope because it is among the first birds to appear at the end of winter and the start of spring. Our Celestial silver and cubic zirconia Swallow Pendant would be a perfect thoughtful present. 

In many cultures, the butterfly is associated with the soul and therefore is a deep and meaningful representation of life. Not only this, but a butterfly is seen as a symbol of transformation and change. The perfect gift as we all re-adjust to changes in our lives. Our new Silver, CZ and Mother of Pearl Pendant is just gorgeous. 

The beautiful little bee would also make a great gift as it symbolizes community, brightness and personal power. The strength of our communities, helping each other and supporting the NHS has been key recently and maybe a bee pendant or earrings would make a perfect little gift to say thank you to someone who has helped you. 

The colours of nature can also inspire us and yellow is the colour of sunshine, hope, and happiness. Our Golden Glory pendant and earrings are a gorgeous, bright sunshine yellow. 

If you or your loved one feel you need more support, our lucky eye and Hamza jewellery would make the perfect choice.  A symbol of inner strength and designed to inspire a feeling of safety and support in the wearer.  

And finally, we can’t always feel strong and confident, but we can always offer a smile – a symbol of hope and strength and one you can pass to each other from a distance and make people feel better. Our handcrafted Copper and Silver Smile Bangle will bring a smile to anyone’s face.