Jewellery Winter Essentials for January

From: 7th January 2021

Well, what a start to 2021 – we had all hoped that we had left lockdowns, closed high streets, empty pubs and restaurant behind in 2020 but sadly not. January is always a challenging time to motivate yourself – getting back to work after all the fun of Christmas and new year – resolutions to keep such as losing weight or getting fit but it is all so much harder this year when people are coping with so many difficult things. From closed schools, to cancelled exams once again, to those worrying about jobs and money and all of us trying to stay safe and keep our friends and family safe too.

But we have to try and be positive too - a good friend of mine wrote something wonderful on Facebook yesterday. It was about looking at her brave and beautiful daughter which reminded her there are still reasons to be cheerful and be totally determined that the future will be brighter for her. I too had started the day wanting to put the duvet over my head but looked at my two sons – 18 and 20 and seeing how they are coping with everything thrown at them inspires me and makes me feel positive for all our futures.

So here I am back at my desk – looking to the future and writing about silver jewellery – now surely jewellery with a sparkle can cheer you up just a little? I’ve been looking at all the current jewellery trends for this winter, inspired by the Catwalks and I think they all would make the best little January 2021 treat and perfect for those waist up Zoom calls – even if you have still got your pyjama bottoms on and a 5 year old yelling you from the kitchen!

Even if we are social distancing and staying at home, we can still dress up a little – it’s a bit like putting your jewellery accessory armour on! And there really are some lovely designs to choose from and no matter what your style is, I promise there's a style on this list that you'll absolutely love. You'll find something to cheer up any winter outfit whether it be a cute jumper and boots or your cosiest dress. 

  1. Delicate Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia Jewellery 

We can’t all afford fine diamonds and platinum, but you can choose from our wonderful collection of sterling silver and cubic zirconia jewellery which is almost indistinguishable for the real thing. Beautiful AAA* quality stones and silver which is rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing.  Choose from cubic zirconia tennis bracelets, stacked sparkling silver rings, (you can choose one which already gives you a set of rings to stack as you please or you can mix and match any of the rings from our collection) Maybe some simple silver stud earrings available with ¼, ½, ¾ and 1 carat size cubic zirconia. These earrings are one of our best sellers and a classic to wear day and night. Seriously, no-one will know they aren’t diamonds. – just perfect now and forever. 

  1. Hoop Dreams 

The second trend is hoops and although everyone loves plain silver hoops earrings, (we love our elegant hoop earrings with a modern square edge) the current look is for the more unusual hoop design, the more unusual the better.  Why not take a look at our delicate handmade silver and copper earrings which are designed with twists of  polished silver and copper, or maybe our large oval silver hoop earrings are more your kind of look. Whilst we’re talking hoop earrings – we can’t forget the huggie earrings which are still such a popular look and so easy to wear alone or paired stacked with other hoop or drop silver earrings. 

  1. Heart You 

The heart motif is timeless. And at the moment is seems particularly important to show your love to the people you care about – so prove your love and wear it on your ear, or hand, or neck … we have a great collection of heart jewellery but take a look at a few of our favourites. Maybe our ‘All Hearts’ silver and cubic zirconia band ring, which is perfect for stacking with other rings too. Our silver heart drop earrings are available in a range of different colour cubic zirconia, from amethyst, to aqua, sapphire and crystal clear. Perfect for those who like pretty sparkly designs which look just like real gems. Finally our simple and classic true love silver heart pendant - beautiful and timeless. 

  1. Long necklaces 

So, stacking necklaces were particularly popular in 2020 – taking a selection or silver necklaces, gold chains and maybe longer cubic zirconia style necklaces and wearing them together. Now it seems to be all about a single long necklace, a trend that works great with roll neck sweaters, plain winter dresses and coats. These necklaces create depth and lengthen the body and I think the most unique thing about them is that they can add a simple touch of elegance and sophistication to your look without any effort. We love our contemporary handmade long silver necklace designed with a fabulous tassel or maybe our sterling silver skull pendant, encrusted with dozens of sparkling cubic zirconia stones which is perfect worn on a long silver chain. 

  1. Bold silver bracelets 

 I have always loved big, wide silver bangles and bracelets and now they are really in fashion. Some of the catwalk designs are a little bit too over the top for me (not sure how you could do anything but sit and look dramatic in them!) but we have handmade silver bangles and bracelets which are dramatic enough to be noticed for all the right reasons and are comfortable to wear too.  Our heavy hand made silver shards bangle is wonderful quality and designed to make a real statement, so show it off with style. If bracelets are more your thing then our heavy sterling silver peppercorn bracelet is perfect. One of our most popular pieces of jewellery it is hand made with twisted strands of oxidised silver hung with numerous baubles or 'peppercorns'. Beautifully made and with the feel and weight of real quality, this is an investment which you won't regret as it will always add that extra little bit of style to your look. 

  1. Animal Inspired Jewellery

If you like something a little more unique and interesting, with a touch of quirky...this trend is for you. Necklaces and earrings inspired by creatures and animals in a lot of sparkle. Whatever is your favourite animal, I am sure we have a jewellery design for you – whether it be foxes, with our silver snooty fox brooch, bees (we have lots of bee jewellery designs which are so popular), flamingos or snakes, the choice is yours. Well, we might not have a rhino or a dolphin yet – we do have a seahorse pendant though! 

  1. Pearl Jewellery

 One of the biggest catwalk trends of 2020 and still going strong into spring 2021 – from simple stud earrings to a bold silver and pearl ring, you can’t go wrong with pearl and silver jewellery this January. We have a small collection of pearl jewellery but I’m sure you will find something you love. 

  1. Crystal Connection 

This trend seems even more important at the moment. Jewellery that not only looks beautiful but gives good energetic vibes too.

I’ve focussed on amethyst because it is said to be incredibly protective, healing, and purifying. It's claimed it can help rid the mind of negative thoughts – relieving stress, anger fear and anxiety. Something we could all use some help with this year. Why not look at our long Silver and Amethyst Teardrop Necklace. A smooth and polished teardrop of amethyst attached to the silver chain with a beautifully hand crafted overlapping silver petal design. The attention to detail and quality of this necklace is beautiful and it is very tactile too. An added bonus is that it is in our sale too. 


Hopefully I have given you some ideas of the latest jewellery trends and hopefully something appeals to you so you can cheer yourself or someone else up with a little gift. No matter what else this January, try to focus on the future, keep positive and take care. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so that’s something to look forward to… more excuses to buy jewellery!