Cubic Zirconia Jewellery for April Birthdays

From: 31st March 2021

 So, Aprils' birthstone is the diamond and as we all know, every woman loves diamonds. April girls are strong, determined and loyal and deserve the best. Diamond jewellery is the eternal favourite and quite simply never go out of style. This is especially true of classic pieces such as diamond stud earrings, wonderful hoopssolitaire pendants and diamond tennis bracelets. You can wear them every single day. You dress them up, dress them down, they really are the perfect complement to everything. And who can forget the diamond engagement ring – they are the favourite gemstone choice for engagement rings, beating all others by far.

But diamonds are really expensive and not everybody has a budget that can stretch that far. So how can you get all the look and style of diamonds without the price tag?

We have created a wonderful collection of handmade cubic zirconia and silver jewellery which offers wonderful sparkling replicas of fine designer diamond jewellery without the price tag. It is designed in 925 sterling silver which is then rhodium plated to prevent scratches and tarnishing. The cubic zirconia stones are micro-set (just like fine diamond jewellery) and the best AAA* quality which are almost indistinguishable from fine diamond jewellery. This handpicked collection includes a range of designs from classic, to Red Carpet glamour and glitz. We also have a wonderful selection of silver and cubic zirconia rings which make the perfect engagement ring.  Our jewellery is affordable to everyone to buy - either for yourself or as a gift and offers the perfect affordable luxury for that special day and for every day.  

Before I tell you about some of the favourites in my jewellery box – l just want to reassure you as to why cubic zirconia jewellery is a good choice. 

What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia (or CZ) is a high quality synthetic gemstone which imitates the appearance of diamonds and is usually created in a laboratory. It is hard, although not as hard as diamonds, optically flawless and can be made in a variety of colours. Unlike diamonds, cubic zirconia is not a symbol of wealth or status, nor does it have any symbolic value. However, they cost a fraction for the price of natural diamonds, are durable, affordable and probably the most look-alike diamond replacement there is. In fact, it is so hard to distinguish cubic zirconia from diamonds that jewellers often struggle to tell them apart and often celebrities wear cubic zirconia replicas instead of their expensive diamond jewellery and no one can tell the difference.

This similarity to diamonds makes it the perfect affordable substitute for an expensive diamond. Here are a few comments from people about cubic zirconia engagement rings:

Lynn: It depends on you. If you’ve always wanted a large expensive diamond, a cubic zirconia engagement ring will be a real and constant disappointment. But if you’re more concerned with the look and not the actual material it’s an great choice.

Alexia: If you get a good quality CZ, most people won’t be able to tell that it’s not a diamond. If it doesn’t bother you, then it’s fine. It’s also great if you’re all about saving money.

Millie: Diamonds are worthless and so expensive. CZ is a much more practical, sensible choice.

Make Cubic Zirconia Jewellery Look its Best

Although cubic zirconia is affordable and doesn’t cost thousands of pounds it doesn’t mean that it has to look cheap.

We set our cubic zirconia stones in 925 sterling silver which is stylish and affordable. It is rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing and to keep its shining, polished finish.

You might want to think carefully about the size of the stone too – especially in a ring. The really large cubic zirconia stones can look fake and whilst some people love the glitz and over the top sparkle of a statement ring, if you are looking for a diamond replica which no one will tell apart for the real thing, you might want to go for a slightly more understated size stone – or a row of smaller solitaires perhaps. I love all our rings but if I had to choose two of my favourites which most replicate diamonds, then it would have to be our Perfect Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Ring which is a stunning simple ring where the stone really is the star.  A classic engagement ring which looks just beautiful. Secondly our ‘Looks Like Diamonds’ Ring is just that – wonderful sparkling stones that sing in their silver setting. 

Cubic Zirconia Jewellery takes away the Worry 

There is always the worry that you might lose your precious diamond jewellery too, but you shouldn't wait for a special occasion to wear your jewellery - it is meant to be worn, loved and admired every day. We want you to wear your jewellery and enjoy it because it does no good sitting in a jewellery box, waiting for that one special event. It is also fabulous to have a selection of sparkling jewellery to choose from rather than that single extremely expensive ring. I love my cubic zirconia jewellery – open the box and pick which sparkles I want to wear today. Many people choose to buy a replica of their diamond jewellery so they can wear it every day without fear of losing or damaging it. 

Beth: My engagement ring is a diamond, but I bought a cubic zirconia one that looks exactly like it. I wear this one  when I go swimming or travelling. I just don’t want to lose my expensive diamond ring! 

Cubic Zirconia jewellery is more Ethical

If you are also thinking of the world and the diamond mines the a cubic zirconia is the environmentally friendly choice as it is grown in a lab. According to an article published on Forbes, smart millennials are buying cubic zirconia rings and bypassing the diamond cartel and marketing of the diamond industry. 

For far too long cubic zirconia has been thought to be tacky and we have been conditioned to believe that about non-diamond jewellery and especially engagement rings. A beautifully set cubic zirconia engagement ring is no different in appearance to a diamond. The diamond market has drilled it into social consciousness that a diamond is ‘real’ and ‘forever’ and all other diamond look-alikes are ‘fake’ and ‘tacky’. Peer pressure is another reason we tend to think that only diamonds will do and everything else is fake.

It’s time to start making your own choices, be a ‘smart’ consumer and opt for a practical choice with a cubic zirconia engagement ring.

Is Cubic Zirconia the Smart Jewellery to Buy? 

I would definitely say yes. If you have your heart set on that diamond engagement ring and can afford it without breaking the bank or taking out a loan, then fantastic but don’t think this means all your jewellery needs to be diamond. Real life and real style are all about looking good on a limited budget, mixing designer labels, high street brands and charity shop treasures. Wearing imitation jewellery is no longer seen to be cheap but rather the intelligent thing to do. 

So, if you want to be a Material Girl but don't have a limitless budget (or a Sugar Daddy!), why not make cubic zirconia your best friend instead? I think it’s time now to tempt you with a few of my favourite jewellery pieces from our cubic zirconia range. I’ve already mentioned a couple of rings so will focus on some other jewellery designs. 

Our classic silver and cubic zirconia tennis bracelets are always a classic jewellery gift choice. Available with square or round solitaire stones and set in polished silver or plated with 18 carat rose gold. These really are beautifully handmade pieces which are timeless. Maybe the perfect gift for a special birthday or for a wedding day.

Looking next at earrings, our classic studs, available in a modern polished rub-over setting or a more traditional claw setting, are one of our most popular sellers. Available with a range or cubic zirconia carat size stones, they look wonderful worn alone every day or maybe stack them with other silver hoops or stud earrings. If you are after a little bit more, then our gorgeous Cubic Zirconia Row Drop Earrings would be perfect.

Finally, I want to choose a necklace and pendant. Firstly, our Octagonal Solitaire Pendant which has an unusual but simple design and is the perfect pendant to wear every day. For party time, take a look at our Glamourous Teardrop Necklace, perfect for parties of any kind and beautiful as bridal jewellery. I truly don’t believe anyone would be able to tell this apart from a diamond necklace.

Finally, just so you don’t forget… I’ve listed all the reason why cubic zirconia jewellery is the best way to go – as well as that fact that it obviously looks gorgeous!

1.     Affordability – Needless to say, the price tag of a cubic zirconia engagement ring can be less than 10% of a similar looking diamond ring.

2.     Flawlessness – A cubic zirconia stone is almost always perfect, with no inclusions or tints of colour. Natural diamonds, on the other hand, always have some level of flaws.

3.     Durability – This is important for jewellery you’ll want to wear every day. A cubic zirconia is a strong, hard stone that can withstand daily exposure.

4.     Brilliance and Fire – Cubic zirconia has excellent fire and sparkle (sometimes too much!) when touched by light and a well-cut stone is just beautiful to look at.

5.     Versatility – Cubic zirconia is versatile and suits a range of jewellery designs and styles.

6.     Maintenance – It is easy to maintain and keep clean.