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Copper and Silver Jewellery for Autumn Colours

From: 25th September 2019

Copper and Silver Jewellery for Autumn Colours


So we've been spoilt with the beautiful warm and sunny weather but Autumn is finally here and the children are all back at school and we're back to work. (sadly…) 


So it's about time you had a rummage through your cupboards and sorted out your Autumn wardrobe. Roll-neck jumpers, colourful scarves and boots. Be inspired by the wonderful colours Mother Nature gives us in the Autumn, with leaves in every shade of yellow, red and orange falling from the trees.  


This has got us thinking about our jewellery colours and, as much as we love the cool shine of sterling silver, we just need something a bit extra this season.  Something with a bit of warmth in keeping with the autumn feel and we think copper does just the trick (… and the treat!) 


So grab yourself a hot chocolate and have a browse through our sterling silver and copper collection … you’ll be bound to find yourself the perfect autumnal accessory. 


We’ve tried to capture the mood of the season with our Silver and Copper Windchime Earrings.  Crafted to hang from a central point, they’ll twist and turn like an autumn breeze as you go about your day.  There’s also our Silver and Copper Triple Hoop pendant and earrings, circles of fine silver and copper which spin around like leaves caught up in the wind. 


Maybe you’d like something more homespun and with a touch of charm like our Silver and Copper Serpent Curve pendant and earrings with a central copper ball that glows like the embers of an autumn fire.  Perfect for relaxing with your loved ones this season.


For simple elegance, take a look at our Silver and Copper Smile Bangle with contrasting curves and symmetry which looks stunning but won’t cost you a fortune.  Or for something bolder and to make a statement - how about our wonderful hand-crafted Wave Cuff Bangle. If you're looking for the perfect gift for an autumn birthday we would suggest our new copper and silver ballerina pendant and matching earrings - simple and very stylish. 


Whatever your choice we hope you’ll find something to lift your autumn spirits and bring a little warmth to the cooler days ahead.