Colour Happy Jewellery to Make you Smile

From: 22nd April 2022

So, with the sun out and Spring most definitely on its way – what better time to update your jewellery box with some wonderful and happy colours. Why not wear the rainbow? I love our new coloured cubic zirconia jewellery and it seems everyone else loves them too from the way they are flying out of the door (or into the post…) The trend over the last few months has definitely been for bright and colourful jewellery (but not tacky…) and the trend is only set to get bigger and brighter as we head towards the summer months.

Our range focuses on beautiful handmade silver jewellery set with sparkling AAA* cubic zirconia stones in a range of colours replicating the colours of fine gems such as aquamarines, rubies, and emeralds to name but a few. Many of our designs are set together which sparkling clear stones too. Our collection focuses on high quality affordable designs everyone can choose but the trend towards coloured gemstones and away from diamonds has been growing for some months.

Why the Trend towards Coloured Gemstones?

Nobody can disagree that diamonds are the timeless and classic choice for jewellery, but they are beginning to lose some popularity to coloured gemstones. Diamonds have always been the firm favourite particularly when it comes to engagement or eternity rings, but brighter gems seem to be more in trend in all their colourful glory.

Certain gemstones have always been popular – especially as many are believed to have spiritual or healing powers or are symbolic of particular beliefs. For example, the emerald is believed to be the symbol of love and truth and rubies thought to guarantee good health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love. Both of these gemstones have been incorporated into jewellery designs for many centuries and still are today. 

Royal and Celebrity Influence

So why have gemstones become so popular? I think there is a big influence from both royalty and the celebrity/social media culture we live in. Colourful engagement rings have become popular led by the royals who have recently wed including Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire ring and Princess Eugene’s gorgeous and unusual blush coloured padparadscha sapphire ring. And if we look at the celebrities and their colours, then we are spoilt for choice from Meghan Fox and her emerald and diamond ring to Eva Longoria’s ruby, Lady Gaga, Katie Perry and Victoria Beckham to name but a few… social media and Instagram also have a role to play as they influence what we see and who we see wearing it. Big brands often allow influencers to repost their Instagram images or send them free products to promote specific pieces and this helps them market their jewellery designs.

These bright rings are just too pretty to ignore and quickly became the inspiration for women across the world. This same audience has a growing number of millennials who are not only influenced by the celebrity, social media and Instagram world around them but also want to be seen to be different, to choose colours and designs which reflect their individual approach to style, relationships and life in general. Everyone has a favourite colour, and you can choose what suits your look and personality best. (Although ironically, they are all following a fashion trail carefully led by those marketeers in charge)

These stones also appeal to the ethically inclined as they are a step away for the much media publicised ‘blood diamonds’ and towards ‘ethical global sourcing.’ Cubic zirconia is a man-made crystal and is a true alternative to diamonds and gemstones as they have a conflict free origin and are environmentally sustainable.

Cavendish French offers Affordable Luxury

Our silver and cubic zirconia jewellery offers sparkling replicas of diamond and coloured gemstone jewellery as a price that everyone can afford.

 Our new rainbow collection has wonderful emerald green jewellery designs (the most popular colour choice for our customers at the moment) with fabulous vintage designs perfect for those who love the look and style from other ages. My favourite colour is the ruby red and in particular the wonderful cocktail rings. I can’t choose between Vintage Laurel Ring and our Crown Ring. A piece from our ruby collection would make the perfect gift for someone special on a ruby wedding anniversary.

We also have cute little stud earrings in a wide array of colours, perfect to wear alone or stacked with other silver earrings to add a touch of colour, teenagers will love these earrings too.

If blue is the colour for you then our rich tanzanite blue stone or a wonderful pale aquamarine colour will offer you a range of choices – with silver rings, necklaces, earrings, and pendants all available, many with matching sets. As with all our coloured stone jewellery, these would be wonderful for bridesmaids dressed in blue and the green would have been perfect for my bridesmaid (bit late now since I got married 29 years ago!) Our ‘Brilliant Aqua’ Earrings and Pendant make a wonderful finishing touch for your bridesmaids.

 Blue would also be perfect for an engagement ring or a touch of blue in earrings or pendant for that lucky ‘something blue’ on your Wedding Day. Our Blue Beauty Ring would be wonderful and is one of our most popular designs

Why not take on the colourful jewellery trend with a pair of our amethyst cubic zirconia earrings or this wonderful pale citrine yellow vintage ring with a design almost identical to Demi Lovato’s engagement ring.  And I nearly forgot our pale pink diamond jewellery designs – such a pretty and delicate colour and they really do look like fine gemstone jewellery.

Finally, I have written a blog before about birthstone jewellery, but all our coloured cubic zirconia designs would be a perfect and affordable alternative whether it be emeralds for May, rubies for July or amethysts for September.

Whatever piece you choose and whatever colour, make it bright in 2022 and live life to the full.