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Animal Inspired Jewellery

From: 5th June 2019

Animal Inspired Jewellery

Animal Inspired Jewellery has always been popular amongst fashionista's of all ages. Naturally, as human beings, we like to relate to things and animals have such fun personalities and characteristics that we find it really easy to love and cherish them. Most people have a favourite – whether it be cats, flamingos or bees (which are definitely a favourite at the moment!) 

In a world that can sometimes feel a little bit tough at times, we wanted to spread a little bit of love by sharing some or our animal inspired jewellery to brighten up your day. 


From the earliest rock and cave paintings to the most modern of art and design, we have been inspired by mother nature and animals. This desire to recreate the animal kingdom as art is one the jewellery designer knows well, from the jaw-dropping works of the ancient Egyptians, through to the world famous designs created by Cartier for Wallace Simpson, it seems animals and jewellery make the perfect artistic match.


Insects, unsurprisingly, have been one of the greatest sources of jewellery inspiration across the years - butterflies, bees, and dragonflies have provided endless inspiration.  Indeed, our very own menagerie of bees, crafted in sterling silver and set with sparking cubic zirconia have made many a happy customer! 


If you like your animals with paws - Indulge your love of four legged creatures with our cat and fox pendants and brooches. The perfect gift!  


The snake has always been popular in jewellery and has been synonymous with Bulgari jewellery since the 1940s, metamorphosing -  to keep up with changing trends. Beloved by Elizabeth Taylor, the slithering serpent is regularly spotted draped around the necks of some of the most glamorous celebrities on the red carpet, including Naomi Watts, Jessica Biel and, most recently, Amber Heard. Our bold silver snake bangle is handcrafted and snakes up your arm - perfect to wear every day.


We can't leave without mentioning flamingoes - Who doesn’t love a flamingo? They’re pink, they’re tropical and they just make us feel happy! – We love our new flamingo pendant – designed in sterling silver with pink and clear cubic zirconia. 


So embrace your inner spirit animal this season with a piece of jewellery from our Animal Collection, from owls and humming birds to flamingoes and cats. For a subtler statement, opt for feminine butterflies or sultry snakes to add a discreet edge to your look.