Silver Jewellery Gifts for her this Valentine’s Day

From: 1st February 2023

What can I say about Valentine’s Day? Is it just commercial rubbish invented to make us part with more of our money or a genuine chance to be romantic and appreciate someone special in our lives? Well, its probably a bit of both, but I have always liked special days like this. Just like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and even Grandparent’s day (I’m quite a fan of national wine day or napping day too!)  – it is a chance to make us all think about and appreciate those close to us who we so often take for granted.

Good on you if you are the type of person to spoil your partner at every opportunity – to tell their mum you love them and treat them to lunch or some flowers every now and then, but there are a lot of us who get caught up in the chaos of everyday life and we don’t take the time to think, say or show how much we care. Valentine's Day gives that reminder, and it doesn’t have to be expensive gifts you shower someone with. It could be a cuppa in bed, a glass of wine together with a good chat or just a bunch of daffs which cost £1 – its all about the thought. Although… if you have got the money for a lovely piece of silver jewellery that really wouldn’t go amiss.

After the fun of Christmas and New Year, the horror of January with no money – Valentine’s Day is a lovely event to look forward to and although it is a Tuesday this year (really rubbish!) you can still plan a special night or even go away the weekend before.

Now I know chocolates are a traditional and most popular gift for Valentine’s Day – along with flowers but I’d say you are much better choosing something that will last a little bit longer. Firstly, who want chocolates in February when we are all trying so hard to stick to our new year’s resolutions and be fit and healthy – and flowers? Nothing annoys me more that seeing flowers in the week up to Valentines being twice the price they are at other times of the year. I’ll just wait a week and get more for my money.

I know I did a little history lesson last year as to the origins of Valentine’s Day but this year let’s just focus on how it is celebrated today. Sending a card is the most popular thing to do with an estimated 145 million Valentine’s Day cards sent each year. (Greeting Card Association) Women buy approximately 85 percent of all valentine’s cards (what a surprise..) I still like the idea of sending anonymous cards which is really quite romantic but not sure that is still a thing. Although I must say I always felt slightly traumatised at school when some girls got multiple cards and I never got any. Always better when it fell at the weekend, so you didn’t have to go through the public humiliation of receiving zero!

Having now been married for almost 30 years just a card from hubbie is all good – although I did used to like getting ones from my two sons when they were little – made at school. Those days are long gone and girlfriends are the focus of their attention.

Now I might be a little bit biased, but I do think the perfect present to go with that card is a beautiful piece of handmade sterling silver – maybe with a sparkle to capture the eye.

Valentine’s Jewellery Gifts

Choosing just the right gift for your sweetheart can be tricky. You want to get them something truly special, something that shows them just how much they mean to you. That’s a big part of why so many people choose to give silver jewellery on Valentine’s Day. It’s beautiful, personal, and timeless— just like your love for each other. 

So, you’ve decided jewellery will make the perfect gift but which piece of jewellery to choose? I’ve put together a romantic Valentine’s Jewellery collection to try and help you narrow down the choices – and we also have a Gifts of Love collection which might help. We are a small family business which has been going for over 25 years. All our jewellery is handmade is sterling 925 silver with many designs set with sparkling AAA* cubic zirconia stones. They look almost identical to diamonds but at a price that is affordable to everyone. If you are planning on popping the question, we also have a collection of silver and cubic zirconia engagement rings for you to browse through. 

If your partner is a real romantic who loves everything feminine and true valentine's red to celebrate the day, then she would love our Eternal Heart Pendant. A beautiful, modern pendant, designed with an open pattern in polished silver with a sparkling AAA* ruby cubic zirconia captured in the centre. Perfect to wear on long chain and maybe layer with other silver necklaces. If she prefers small and cute, our Sweetheart Pendant again with ruby red cubic zirconia, is the perfect choice.  (Has lovely matching earrings too)

Maybe she’s more into classic and elegant designs which she can wear with anything whether it be a suit for work or casual jeans and open neck shirt. Our handmade polished silver Love Knot Pendant looks wonderful worn short in the neckline and goes with everything. If it’s earrings she loves, then I would choose our handmade silver Heart Studs – again perfect with everything but shows how well you know her and her style as well as showing how much you love her.

The fashion for mixed metal jewellery is huge at the moment so if your partner is a big fan – why not take a look at our Double Heart Pendant and Earrings which have an 18 carat plated gold heart at the centre. The perfect gift set.

You can’t talk about jewellery gifts for Valentine’s Day without mentioning rings.  If you are planning on proposing then we have the most wonderful selection of engagement rings but the true classic is our ‘I love you’ Solitaire Ring which is simply stunning with the true sparkle of the AAA*  cubic zirconia captured every time the light catches it. No one will know it isn’t a diamond solitaire, yet it won’t cost the earth and it isn’t a worry every time she wears it.

Maybe you have been married for a few years now and want to buy something special – how about an eternity ring? designed in sterling silver and set with a row of six sparkling AAA* cubic zirconia stones, it is perfect worn alone but also sits well with other band or solitaire rings. The perfect jewellery gift for your loved one.

Finally on rings, maybe you just want something which is a bit more fun but still expresses how you feel. Our stacking Hearts Band Ring would be a great gift and stacks beautifully with other plain silver or stone set rings.

One final mention has to go to my favourite bracelet of all time – you do have to spend a bit more, but it is a truly spectacular handmade heavy silver bracelet which is timeless and will be treasured for ever. This Charm Bracelet is hung with numerous silver hearts of differing sizes and in contrasting shiny and beaten finish. Just gorgeous.

Deliver it with Style

So, you have chosen your jewellery but how are you going to present it? We’re not just talking about the box it comes in – we have that covered for you – all our jewellery is delivered in a beautiful complimentary branded gift box so you don’t have to worry about that – but think about how and when you will present you gift. Whether it is over a wonderful 3 course meal, on a windswept beach or in a buzzing bar. Make sure you pick the perfect romantic moment. Maybe add a love letter or even have a little treasure hunt with clues to help her to find it. Anything to make the moment more special and to show thought and love. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone – enjoy every moment you can, and appreciate that special person you are with.